Take Pride in your employees…we’re all for Equality

The world is never more filled with rainbows and unicorns than during Pride season. A celebration of acceptance in recognising the struggles faced by LGBT+ people and adapting to the needs of members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans communities, Equality is a hot topic for employers with many high-level corporates having established or exploring the potential for establishing internal LGBT networks to support employees and allies. Some even project their support by getting involved with pride - from a flag or rainbowing their logo, to a full-on float - but it can't just be for month or day!

From using the correct pronouns; to not assuming that someone’s partner is of the opposite sex to them, there is certainly a lot to learn when it comes to understanding sexual orientations, mindsets (mental health) and circumstances of individual employees but it is relatively easy to cope with…support them. Talk to them to get insight into their requirements and be open to change. If you open a door to allow staff to express and be themselves, professionally, then others will feel more accepted, valued and comfortable about how you are compassionate and truly value their contribution. Employee Value Propositions and Staff Satisfaction has a proven effect on the success of targets and Front Line Performance.

To get to grips with how you can help your staff be empowered and feel even prouder to work for you, see how you can implement or improve your equalities policy to attract more LGBT talent.

If you need further justification of the facts around the struggles faced by LGBT workers, check out myGwork’s recent article around Why Pride Is Still Worth Celebrating.

Equality and Diversity and Equal Opportunities should mean fairness and satisfaction for all, no matter what their gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.

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