How video advertising is changing the game in recruitment

Video job adverts in recruitment have been around for some time, but it was an announcement from LinkedIn in August that really pushed this medium to the forefront of the recruitment agenda. Our favourite social media platform made the long overdue statement that videos featured on its timeline would now autoplay without sound. Additionally, LinkedIn stated it would be offering brands the option to promote video posts. Result!  

Throughout 2017, video advertising across all social media platforms continued to build momentum thanks to the rapid pace of innovation in ad formats and a considerable audience growth. We’ve certainly seen the recruitment sector capitalise on the rise of video advertising, with Ongig research revealing that candidates spent more than triple (316%) the time on a video job description (two minutes, 54 seconds) than they did reading a text description (55 seconds). The research also found that when a candidate played a video job description, they spent an average of five minutes and 23 seconds viewing that job - a whopping 487% increase.  

Still unconvinced of the power of video job adverts? Here’s why now’s the time for recruiters to start using video to attract candidates…

You’ll get access to a wider audience

Statistics about viewing numbers of videos on social media aside, video appeals to a range of different ways in which people absorb information. Some want to hear a message, others want to see it, while some prefer to read it. Video is the only online medium that covers all three of these communication modes.

For the first time, you’ll be able to convey the right tone

Getting across the personality of a client’s business can often be difficult in text. Video allows you to convey emotion and tone and adapt this to suit the business of your client, meaning you have a greater chance of appealing to the right candidates while ensuring a more meaningful connection in the process.

You’ll really unlock the power of social media

Online videos are one of the most shared items on social media and, according to Cisco, will account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020. Gone are the days when a user would need to copy and paste a job description into an email to a friend, or send a link for them to click through to view information - video job adverts mean job specs can be shared instantly with just one click.

You’ll jump up the Google rankings

Did you know that online video can appear higher in the search results than a company’s own website? Believe it. It’s becoming increasingly common for videos to appear on the first page of Google search results. Given that recruiters are likely to post multiple video job descriptions, you’re likely to see organic searches and visits to your site dramatically increase.

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