11 Powerful Ways For Your Company To Be Bold on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest social network for professionals and colleagues, with the equivalent of the entire Ivy League enrolment joining the site every single day.

Unlike other leading social media platforms, content is specifically targeted to like minded professionals. LinkedIn provides an ideal space to increase brand awareness, client and candidate engagement and build a strong network by pushing out content that directly correlates and appeals to those in your industry.

Yet many companies either are not utilising this opportunity, or simply cannot engage with their industry. With the human attention span gradually decreasing, it has never been more difficult to grab your audience's attention and keep it. Content is key to client engagement, however this is not where it ends. Brand consistency, frequency and relevance are all equally important. By properly understanding LinkedIn, your business can take this social network and turn it into an effective Marketing Resource.

We have compiled the following Linkedin Best Practices that you can incorporate and share with your team. These simple changes can help to maximise opportunities to connect with professionals from your industry, increase content engagement and Brand Awareness.

Create a company page on LinkedIn, if you haven’t already

This one is a no brainer. However, what some companies neglect to do, is to ensure that employees add your company to their current position. By doing so, consultants will automatically follow the company page. It will also enlarge the overall reach of your page to include whoever is viewing your worker’s profile, which automatically links to your company page.

Urge your team and colleagues to connect with each other

Internal and external business contacts, customers, clients and friends. This will widen your company network maximising your audience and social reach.

Encourage your colleagues and employees to endorse each other for relevant skills

Skill endorsements are a great way to recognise your 1st-degree connection skills. The skills with the most endorsements will move to the top of your skills list. You may have a standard set of skills you wish each individual to include in their profiles.

Have your employees share the company profile once a quarter

Research carried out by LinkedIn found that, on average, your employees have a network that is 10 times larger than a company follower base. Share the company profile once a quarter to maximise brand awareness and traffic to the company profile. You may decide to tie this into a larger event, perhaps a

  • company event,

  • awards ceremony,

  • public holiday,

  • CSR effort,

  • anniversary

Ensuring that there is interesting, relevant content on your feed that portrays your brand, culture and values. Don't go stale!

It is important that profiles remain relevant. Encourage your team to post at least once a week - this can be a combination of organic content and reposts of relevant industry content. We recommend a ratio of 1:3 for organic and repurposed posts. Keep the content fresh using articles with images. Studies carried out by LinkedIn have shown that the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Adding to this, content with visuals get 94% more views than content without and 65% of people are visual learners.

Set content guidelines

For example you may not want to be seen to endorse certain products, brands or political views. Your employees profiles are an extension of your company LinkedIn profile and in some cases, your website. It is important to ensure that your company culture, vision, mission and values are reflected effectively and accurately in their content.

Encourage employees to share company content to maximise engagement

In line with the statistics above, of course. By encouraging participation, not only are you widening the overall reach, but content within each individual’s profile remains relevant and up to date, without having to focus too much of their time creating original organic content. Some may find the idea of coming up with creative and engaging content daunting. By reposting company content, you remove this negativity whilst ensuring that content is on brand.

Plan your posts in advance

This ensures a steady flow of content that is consistent. It may also be beneficial to hold regular focus groups in order to plan content in advance. Ask yourself:

  • What is happening within your industry?

  • What is happening outside of the industry that your audience may want to know about?

Use keywords in posts and throughout profiles

This will make profiles easier to find. It is also beneficial to use hashtags so posts and content are easier to find, increasing engagement. Keep an eye on trending # tags within your industry, and utilise this information in order to boost engagement potential.

Set some guidelines for LinkedIn Headshots

We recommend that you provide headshots for your employees that are professional and on brand. However, if you do not, you should set some guidelines for images used. For example, you may not want alcohol to be visible in the shot, no group photos, colour or black and white, smart dress etc.

Use company approved cover image, header, summary and job description

LinkedIn can become an extension of your website. A way for clients and candidates to get to know your team and understand their experience. If a client or candidate comes across an employee LinkedIn profile, it should be clear who they are and who they are representing. This can then drive traffic to your company profile and to your website.