Get women on-board! They improve productivity

Earlier this year, the Financial Times wrote of the fact that gender-diverse companies are more productive and productivity growth boosted by having women on company boards. We are one of those - our founders are all Marmaladies and they make up the majority of our board.

“Gender diversity on a company’s management board has a significant impact on productivity growth and on returns to investors, according to research published to mark International Women’s day by MSCI (examined the composition of boards at 617 of the world’s largest companies)”.

It found that average employee productivity growth was higher for companies that employed three or more women at board level* than those that had just a single or no female directors. 

Companies that had a ‘gender-diverse’ board, translated into higher profits (measured by returns on equity) than at those which did not have gender-diverse boards. The report’s findings provided support for the argument that meaningful gender diversity at the board level was also a reflection of the importance paid by companies to the recruitment and development of both male and female talent. Women remain remarkably under-represented in senior corporate roles globally and account for fewer than one in five board directors of the world’s leading publicly traded companies. (Just 17.3 per cent of board seats were held by women at the 2,494 companies spread across 47 countries that comprise the MSCI All Country World index).

*between 2012 and 2016


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