Dating? Theatre? How to be more open to better quality candidates?

The ever-growing recruitment market is, quite frankly, a jungle. How do you find the spark of candidates who are eager to get into an industry? Do they have to have a degree to undertake a specific role? Or is passion, confidence and a great personality just as good if not better?

Speaking of great personality, it seems that the sourcing and assessment of job-thirsty candidates by some savvy recruiters can be likened to dating. With Reed having created an application whereby jobseekers swipe left or right - like some common apps - to indicate their desire to save a job or not before retrieving their saved jobs to apply for later on - hopefully not in the same shallow sense of dating. Then there’s the gauging of their interests and past experience (which shouldn’t always be taken into account) to see whether they could fit into the culture of your client’s working environment. The informal and relaxed meeting of the candidate, blindly, be it at an office or elsewhere, talking on the phone, to see if they, openly, ‘match’ the position.

It (the sector) could also be described as a circus. With a wealth of talented performers chomping at the bit for their chance to shine. Maybe, like aspiring and out of work actors, they work in retail or a coffee shop to earn a wage and pass the time before their big break. Ingenius job-matchers will see their potential and offer to help them - we have worked with experienced recruitment directors who have taken the leap to set up as consultants, nurturing these ‘rejected’ (by way of lack of reply from applications) unlucky dream hunters - much like casting agents attending an end of year showcase. Could someone who challenges your vision, be better placed? Years ago, your showcase was your ‘patter’, then more recently your CV. Could it be the time for the recruiter do more of the headhunter? (I know this is done in a more subtle way by scouring jobs boards for candidate CVs laden with keywords). Who knows what you may find if you open your mind to the possibility of letting someone with less qualification and more ‘life experience’ in a sector convince you of their talents and passions to do the job differently - it may pay off.

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