We may or may not have existed in this current state, but your recruitment brand shouldn't.

On the day the globally-regarded tennis tournament Wimbledon opens its doors to the masses, another high-end brand - the mothership of renowned department store John Lewis and innovative supermarket Waitrose - has announced it is rebranding the two businesses to differentiate between their product offerings amid the widely reported challenges facing the high street retail sector.

With both companies having a focus on offering quality experiences to their customers, we wondered where our services of rebranding and strategic marketing planning in the recruitment sector fit in…and it’s obvious, isn’t it?!

There comes a time when a brand is less prevalent and struggles to keep its beacon ablaze in the midst of an increasingly crowded world of social media and a competitive sector. We have been working with many recruitment agency and recruitment tech clients to refine their propositions and refresh their visual identity, as well as getting them out into the market to increase awareness and stand out through their content and social media management, getting them in front of the right people, at the right time.

So.. as these big brands are 'playing ball' to earn 'match points', we just hope there isn’t a 'backspin' by keeping their marketing in-house, preventing them from having an 'advantage'. We’re increasingly working to mentor and navigate internal marketing teams through the latest recruitment marketing landscape. 

We’ll be keeping up with the results on Centre-Court and might even sample some Strawberries and Cream, with a dollop of Marmalade too of course…

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