Taking control of your recruitment marketing

Whilst many MDs and business owners, understandably, like to have a say on the marketing of their business, there are a proportion who do not understand the benefits of element of the marketing mix and who they should be targeting and how to do so. They end up either targeting the wrong audience or give the marketing lead, in-house or external, a free rein and only get insight into the effectiveness through reports.

Here at Marmalade, we take the pain away from MDs and business owners by taking a look at their current marketing and strategies and producing a plan for now and the future to ensure that all bases are covered and the most is made of the recourses and systems available. Whilst this is great in order reduce the burden, we are effective in keeping our clients informed through regular communication. It is important, however, that you are kept aware of all goings-on, whether you are signing them off or not, in order to prepare for a swift and smooth handover should you choose to take the operations back in-house or hand them elsewhere at the end of a contract or start of a new project.

Imagine if you were rebranding and couldn’t get hold of the design files to update your website, or you couldn’t log in to your own website to update the blogs and staff profiles…the inaccessibility of this information can lead to wasted time, resulting in lost money, both of which that could have been spent in other parts of the business.

To get some innovative new ideas about your marketing and remain informed of whats happening, get in touch with our MD, Jo Lee at jo@marmalademarketing.co.uk or call +44 0161 879 5806